"Reckoning the Number of The Beast
by He Who Claimth Understanding"

by Brian Matthew Kessler

begun on February 28, 1993 Common Era
(or year XXVIII Anno Satanas)
(also being Sol in Eight Degrees of Pisces
of the Eighty-Ninth Year of the Aeon of Horus)


Although translations vary, every copy of Revelations states: 11And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon... 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (Revelation 13: 11-18, American Bible Society 1071 - 1072).

By this recounting, I hope to explore such wisdom. My analysis is based on gematria, a method of the Qabala (For a brief discussion of the Qabala and gematria see Appendix A).

Locating the Beast

666 is "The number of the Beast of The Revelation (XIII:18)" (Godwin 291; See also "Sepher Sephiroth" 57, American Bible Society 1072, International Bible Society 874, Young 896, The Law is For All 346, Equinox 138, and Barrett 116). There are also several other terms which mean beast and equal 666. "Therion" (Greek for "wild beast"), transliterated into Hebrew as "ThRYVN" (1) is 666 (The Law is For All 346, Equinox 138). Crowley's pseudonym of "The Master Therion," meaning "The Great Beast," translated into Greek as "To Mega Therion", also equals 666 (Ibid.). "The Beast (usually spelled ChIVA) AChIHA (2) (spelled in full) = 666" (3) (The Law is For All 347, Equinox 138).

According to ancient Greek numerology, six hundred and sixty six is the number attributed to the mortal mind (Gray 183). It can therefore be said that the beast is the mortal mind, or more specifically man, and this is what the original author of Revelations had in mind when he wrote it. This is confirmed by some interpretations of various translations of Revelations. For example "...for it is the number of a man..." (American Bible Society 1072) or "...for it is man's number..." (International Bible Society 874; See also The Law is For All 346, Equinox 138, and Barrett 116).

666 is the sum of all the numbers between 1 and 36 ("Sepher Sephiroth" 57, Godwin 291). 36 is 6 squared, 6 being the number of the sun ("Gematria" 36, Barrett 144). Since 666 is the sum of the numbers between 1 and the square of the number of the sun this is also the spirit of the sun (Ibid.); the name of this spirit is Sorath (Barrett 147), whose name (spelled SVRTh) also equals 666 ("Sepher Sephiroth" 57, Godwin 291). Sorath is an evil spirit and "with an unfortunate Sun, it makes one a tyrant, proud, ambitious, insatiable, and finally to come to an ill ending" (Barrett 144).

666 is "Nashmimiron [which translates to] Malignant Women; Qliphoth of Pisces" (NShYMYRVN) (Godwin 291; See also "Sepher Sephiroth" 57). Qliphoth, in general are "the Evil Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead" (Regardie 61). "Subtlety, sympathy and tact characterise Pisces" (Innes 44); this can also be seen as a stereotypical view of women. Based on the relationship of the other items to their Qliphoth (Godwin 99-100, Regardie 82), on the character of Pisces, the stereotypical view of women, and the definition of "malignant", it is not unreasonable to deduce this Qliphoth represents directness, cruelty, and offensiveness.

"Ommo Satan, the 'Evil Triad' of Satan-Typhon, Apophras, and Besz" (OMMV SThN) is also 666 ("Sepher Sephiroth" 57). According to Regardie:

[The Evil One is called] the Evil One, the Slayer of Osiris. He is the Tempter, Accuser, and Punisher of the Brethren and in Egypt is represented mostly with the head of a Water-horse. He is the Administrator of the power of the Evil Triad:

The Stooping Dragon, Apophrassz.

The Slayer of Osiris - Szathan Toophon.

The brutal power of Demonic Force - Bessz.

The Synthesis of this Evil Triad "The Mouth of the Power of Destruction" is called Ommoo-Szathan. (344)

The Hebrew for "The Name Jesus" (SM YHSVH) is equal to 666 ("Sepher Sephiroth" 57). Jesus, as spelled here, is "YHSVH", and is therefore the letters of TETRAGRAMMATON ("'Jehovah,' the Unutterable Name, the Lost Word" ["Sepher Sephiroth" 4].) completed by the letter "Sh" (which represents the Spirit), therefore this spelling is the Spirit of God ("Sepher Sephiroth" 36). Thus, 666 is "The Name of the Spirit of God."

666 is "The number 5, which is 6 ([HA]), on the Grand Scale" (HA X ALP) (4) ("Sepher Sephiroth" 57). Kozminsky states:

[Five] ...protect[s]... from evil spirits... It represents irritation and the moulding of the mortal body to the discipline of the spiritual (16-17; See also 18, "Gematria" 27-29, 43, "Sepher Sephiroth" 1, Godwin 224, Barrett 114-115, and Tyson 102-111).

"A" is also equal to 666. (5) Suares writes "Aleph, no. 1, is the unthinkable life-death, abstract principle of all that is and all that is not." (47)

Aside from all these gematria correspondences, we also have two more biblical references (6):

Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold... So king Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom (I Kings 10: 14-23, American Bible Society 316) (7).


Now these are the children of the province that went up out of the captivity, of those which had been carried away, whom Nebuchadnez'zar the king of Babylon had carried away unto Babylon, and came again unto Jerusalem and Judah, every one unto his city... The children of Adoni'kam, six hundred sixty and six... And some of the chief of the fathers, when they came to the house of the LORD which is at Jerusalem, offered freely for the house of God to set up in his place (Ezra 2: 1-68, American Bible Society 423-424, italics theirs) (8).

Observations of the Beast

I have noticed several patterns here. First, many of the words equated to 666 mean "beast." Beast has several meanings, including "a brutal man; a person brutal, coarse, filthy, or acting in a manner untrustworthy of a rational creature" (McKechnie 163) and "a person who is brutal, gross, vile, etc." (Guralnik 80) In other words, a beast is a person who acts free from the rules of our society. (In regard to using "beast" to refer to non-human animals, they are already free as they don't have rules.)

With respect to the mortal mind, 666 refers to a mind tuned to a material existence, free from concerns of the afterlife, free from the rules put forth by God. In the context of man, it is a reference to a man who chooses to live a worldly existence, instead of surrendering his freedom to God in exchange for immortality in heaven.

Next, we notice there are several references to evil spirits (Sorath and Nashmimiron) and evil gods (Ommo Satan). These "evil" qualities attributed to these spiritual beings can be considered a retreat from their spiritual essence, bringing them back to a materialist plane. Even "The Name Jesus [or 'The Spirit of God']" can be considered a reference to an "evil" spirit (in some respects), since "Jehovah" is "as the Dyad expanded, the jealous and terrible God, the lesser Countenance[,] The God of Nature, fecund, cruel, beautiful, relentless" ("Gematria" 30). Furthermore, as God, and having no master, he has no need to follow his own rules, and thus he is also free. Also, as Jesus, 666 is a reference to the prophet, who in Christian theology is the spirit of God (The Father) made manifest (that is, material).

If we consider Jesus nothing more than a prophet, we still find another link between the material and the spiritual. Once again 666 is an expression of freedom, but in a different form from the other cases. In this case, he has freed himself from the burdens of mortality by placing his faith in Jehovah.

Perhaps our most important references to 666 may be "5" and "A," as they direct us right to the spirit of this matter. In this context, the number five is a source of freedom from evil and represents the "moulding" of the mortal to the spiritual. Likewise, the letter "A" is freedom to live and die (or the freedom to change, the esoteric meaning of death) and "A" is both "all that is" (material) and "all that is not" (spiritual).

At this point, it seems that 666 is a link between the material world and the spiritual world. It gives us, as mortals, the ability to rise up spiritually or to fall to a materialistic level. It is our free will.

Looking to the other biblical texts where 666 is found, the meaning we have derived, of 666 being free will, fits. In the reference to Solomon's gold, it is very easy to see how 666 represents his freedom, as he was the wealthiest king on the earth, both in terms of riches and wisdom. In the second text, we see the children of Adoni'kam were prisoners of Nebuchadnez'zar, but as 666 they became free.

Vivisecting the Beast

We have now seen what 666 is, but the question is, how does it work? Why is 666 this link between the spiritual and the material and a symbol for free will? To understand this, we must examine the factors of 666 (the organs of the beast). These factors (in pairs) are 1 X 666, 2 X 333, 3 X 222, 6 X 111, 9 X 74, and 18 X 37 (See Appendix C for an abridged lexicon of numbers).

You will notice that the only digit not contained in any factor of 666 is 5, which as we have seen is itself 666. Thus we see that 666 is even that which it is not: duality is an illusion. The spiritual and the material are both one, a point accentuated by the very meaning of 5, which represents a moulding of the two (see above).


While in reality, I am concluding my paper at this point, it should be realized, by the very nature of knowledge, this is not the final word to be said on the subject. This paper is only a small piece in a much larger puzzle, and if you digest its contents as truth, rather that contemplating its meaning as directions towards truth, much of its truth will have been lost.

Through gematria we learn 666 is our free will. By choosing to exercise our free will, we become marked with 666. Having the mark is not actually having a number on your person, but having a mortal mind, which leads you to living a sinful life, free from the commandments put forth by God.

In other words, in order to gain the salvation supposedly offered by the Bible, you must eliminate your "self" and "leave all images and unite with the formless essence, for God's spiritual comfort is delicate, therefore He will not offer Himself to any but to him who scorns physical comforts." (Eckhart 128)

Appendix A: A Brief Introduction to the Qabala (9)

Aleister Crowley explains that:

[T]he fundamental idea of the Cabbala is that the universe may be regarded as an elaboration of the numbers, arranged in a certain geometrical design and connected by twenty-two 'paths'. The problem is to acquire perfect comprehension of the essential nature of these numbers. Every phenomenon, every idea, may be referred to one or more numbers. Each is thus, so to say, a particular modification of the pure idea. Sacred words which add up to any number should be eloquent commentaries on one of its aspects. Thus the number 13 proves to be, as it were, an essay on the number 1. The words 'unity' and 'love' both add up to 13. These ideas are therefore qualities of 1. Now, 26 combines the idea of duality, which is the condition of manifestation or consciousness, with this 13; and we find, accordingly, that 26 is the value of the name Jehovah. From this we see Him as the Demiourgos, the manifestation in form of the primordial One (Confessions 212-213, italics his).

One of the most important methods of Qabala, especially in a work of this type is gematria. As explained by Crowley (who quotes Dr. Westcott's "Introduction to the Study of the Qabalah"), Gematria: based on the relative numerical values of the words. Words of similar numerical values are considered to be explanatory of each other, and this theory is extended to phrases ("Gematria" 2).

Godwin expounds further, stating:

[Gematria] can be loosely defined as "Hebrew numerology." Webster's New International Dictionary (1927 Edition) defines gematria as follows: "A cryptograph in the form of a word the letters of which have numerical values of the word taken as the hidden meaning; also, the cabalistic method of explaining the Hebrew Scriptures by means of the cryptographic significance of the words. Thus, the first word of Genesis in Hebrew, meaning 'in the beginning,' has the numerical value 913, which is the same as that of the Hebrew phrase meaning 'in the law it was made.' Hence, the cabalists declare the law to have existed from the beginning, and that the creation was effected by it" (xiii-xiv).

Godwin later instructs us how we can learn the meaning of any given number:

...consider - not too intellectually - the chosen correspondence (10) and, by leaving the mind open to impressions, try to understand the relationship involved. It might be well to begin with fairly straitforward correspondences, such as gadhol ("great["]), yedidiah ("beloved of God," used in reference to Solomon), and mag ("magus"), all 43, and work up to more abstruse matters such as correspondences that seem contradictory and disharmonious, such as tohu ("desolation, without form") and Hekel Ratzon ("Place of Delight," one of the seven heavens), both 411. Finally, consider the nature of number that seem to have more than their share of correspondences, such as 52...

Skeptics may object that anyone engaging in such a practice is fooling himself/herself, inasmuch as he/she may be trying to see relationships where none exist aside from an artificial numerical correspondence. But the ability to see relationships were none seem to exist is the basis of all creative thought. Even if gematria were indeed delusion and nonsense (and it can be if it is taken too seriously and used carelessly, arbitrarily, and liberally; or if it becomes obsessional), the aim of the exercise remains the same - mental development, an expansion of consciousness, perhaps an indirect perception of the unity of all things. (xxvii-xxviii)

I must also supply a few words about the contrary terms that frequently appear as equivalent in this work. Crowley writes:

The sceptic will applaud our labours, for that the very catholicity of the symbols denies them any objective validity, since, in so many contradictions, something must be false; while the mystic will rejoice equally that the self-same catholicity all-embracing proves that very validity, since after all something must be true.

Fortunately we have learnt to combine these ideas, not in the mutual toleration of sub-contraries, but in the affirmation of contraries, that transcending of the laws of intellect which is madness in the ordinary man, genius in the Overman who hath arrived to strike off more fetters from our understanding. The savage who cannot conceive of the number six, the orthodox mathematician who cannot conceive of the fourth dimension, the philosopher who cannot conceive of the Absolute - all these are one; all must be impregnated with the Divine Essence of the Phallic Yod of Macroprosopus, and give birth to their idea. True (we may agree with Balzac), the Absolute recedes; we never grasp it; but in the travelling there is joy... ("777" ix)

Godwin also makes a statement:

...All the entries under any one particular number are, according to the doctrine, somehow related. In many cases, the connection is far from obvious. These cases may form the subjects of intellectual "meditations," wherein one tries to see just how two apparently unrelated words may be related. Such meditations are useful in a number of ways. An orthodox cabalist would say it helps one to understand the nature of the universe and of God. In any event, it does sharpen the mind and helps one to see the innate unity of all things. (12)

Godwin also points out another important Qabalistic doctine: is continually amazed at the number of entries that relate the sublimest concepts to the lowest... The solution to such problems, if they are problems, may lie in the cabalistic doctrine, "As above, so below." This statement is merely the cabalistic way of stating the doctrine of the macrocosm and the microcosm, but it is also true that all the divine and angelic hierarchies have their equivalents in hell... (12-13)

Beyond this, there are many more methods to the Qabala and of this Crowley quotes an unknown author stating:

[W]ith Powers so wide it is easy for the Partisan to find his favourite Meaning in any Word. Even the formal Proof 0 = 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 = 5 = ...... = n is possible.

But the Adept who worked out this Theorem, with the very Intent to discredit the Qabalistic Mode of Research, was suddenly dumfounded by the Fact that he has actually stumbled upon the Qabalistic Proof of Pantheism or Monism ("Gematria" 15).

Crowley later points out:

Truly there is no end to this wondrous science; and when the sceptic sneers, "With all these methods one ought to be able to make everything out of nothing," the Qabalist smiles back the sublime retort, "With these methods One did make everything out of nothing" ("Gematria" 25).

As already stated, the methods to the Qabala are many. I hope to have provided enough insight to understand this paper (11), however, Crowley points out "Only an adept can understand the Qabalah" ("Gematria" 21).


Appendix B: English Equivalents for Hebrew Letters

Names of the LettersValue of the Letters English Equivalents of the Letters
Aleph 1 A
Beth 2 B
Gimel 3 G
Daleth 4 D
Heh 5 H (E)
Vau 6 V (U)
Zayin 7 Z
Kheth (Cheth) 8 Ch
Teth 9 T
Yodh 10 Y (I or J)
Kaph 20 500 K
Lamed 30 L
Mem 40 600 M
Nun 50 700 N
Samekh 60 S
Ayin 70 O (A'a or Ng)
Peh 80 800 P
Tzaddi 90 900 Tz
Qoph 100 Q
Resh 200 R
Shin 300 S Sh
Tau 400 T Th

("Sepher Sephiroth" un-numbered page preceding page 1)


Appendix C: An Abridged Lexicon of Numbers

Much has been written about numbers of lower values. For the sake of space and clarity, I quote Crowley's brief explaination of the numbers zero through 11:

"0. The Negative - the Infinite - the Circle, or the Point.

"1. The Unity - the Positive - the Finite - the Line, derived from 0 by extension. The divine Being.

"2. The Dyad - the Superficies, derived from 1 by reflection..., or by revolution of the line around its end. The Demiurge. The divine Will.

"3. The Triad, the Solid, derived from 1 and 2 by addition. Matter. The divine Intelligence.

"4. The Quaternary, the solid existing in Time, matter as we know it. Derived from 2 by multiplication. The divine Repose.

"5. The Quinary, Force or Motion. The interplay of divine Will with matter. Derived from 2 and 3 by addition.

"6. The Senary, Mind. Derived from 2 and 3 by multiplication.

"7. The Septenary, Desire. Derived from 3 and 4 by addition. (There is however a secondary attribution of 7, making it the holiest and most perfect of the numbers.)

"8. The Ogdoad, Intellect (also Change in Stability). Derived from 2 and 3 by multiplication, 8 = 23.

"9. The Ennead, Stability in Change. Derived from 2 and 3 by multiplication, 9 = 32. (Note all numbers divisible by nine are still so divisible, however the order of the figures is shifted.)

"10. The Decad, the divine End. Represents the 1 returning to the 0. Derived from 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.

"11. The Hendecad, the accursed shells, that only exist without the divine Tree. 1 + 1 = 2, in its evil sense of not being 1" ("Gematria" 27-28; See also "Gematria" 28-29,443, "777" xxv, "Sepher Sephiroth 1-2, Godwin 223-225, Barrett 103-136, Kozminsky 6-34, and Tyson 65-162).

Above this number, definitions are rare and it is not my intention of discussing every single number in relation to 666, so all of the following numbers are those which are actually factors of 666. I provide Crowley's attributions, as his are the clearest and most meaningful.

"18. ChI, Life. An 'elaboration' of 9" ("Gematria" 29, See also "Sepher Sephiroth" 3, Godwin 227, 361 and Kozminsky 42).

"37. IChIDH. The highest principle of the Soul, attributed to Kether. Note 37 = 111 [/] 3" ("Gematria" 30; See also "Gematria" 44, "777" xxv, "Sepher Sephiroth" 5, Godwin 231, 362 and Kozminksy 50).

"74. LMD, Lamed, an expansion of 30. Reads 'by equilibrium and self-sacrifice, the Gate!'... Also 74 = 37 X 2" ("Gematria" 44; See also "Sepher Sephiroth" 12 and Godwin 238).

"111... 37 X 3 symbolism, its explanation of Aleph... [it is a] comment that the Unity may be found in 'Thick darkness' and in 'Sudden death.'... [shows] Samadhi and the Destruction of the Ego as gates of our final victory" ("Gematria" 45; See also "Gematria" 32, "Sepher Sephiroth" 17, The Law is For All 346, Equinox 138, and Godwin 244, 362).

"222. The grand scale of 2..." ("Gematria" 46; See also "Sepher Sephiroth" 27 and Godwin 256).

"[333.] ...impl[ies] dispersion... correspond[s] with... 'Breaks' and 'Lies'. However, the 'one thought is itself untrue', and therefore its falsifications are relatively true. This [number] there consists of statements as nearly true as is possible to human language" (Book of Lies 4; See also "Gematria" 34, "Sepher Sephiroth" 37, and Godwin 268).



1. 1 I am using English letters to represent Hebrew letters (See Appendix B). Return

2. 2 The justification for this change in spelling seems to be rooted in gematria, wherein both words have a value of 25. Return

3. 3 "A=111, Ch=418, I=20, H=6, A=111" (Equinox 138; See also The Law is For All 347). Return

4. 4 The Hebrew letter "H" has a value of 5, but when it is spelled out, it is spelled "HA", giving it a value of 6. Then multiplies this "H" by the letter "A" spelled "ALP". Take "AL" as 31 and add "P"'s value as 80 (disregarding that it is a final) and "ALP" receives a value of 111, which multiplied by 6 results in 666. Return

5. 5 Crowley writes "O (In the Book of Thoth, the Tarot) = A (Aleph). A = 111. O = 6." (LA 347) ("A" is 111 as explained above. "O" (with a dot in the center) is the symbol for the sun which has a magickal number of 6.) Being that "O = A," by the reflexive property we get "A = O." "A = A." We can combine these statements to obtain "A = A and A = O", which in turn becomes "A = (A and O)." "And," in logic, is the multiplication operation, and thus we obtain "A = (A X O)," which becomes "A = (1 X 666)," which finally leads us to "A = 666." Return

6. 6 Thanks go to Godwin (291) for directing our attention to these references. Return

7. 7 See also 2 Chr. 9:13-22. Return

8. 8 See also Nehemiah 7:18. There is a discrepency within the bible. Here the returning exiles number 667 (American Bible Society 437, International Bible Society 346). Return

9. 9 The spelling of this word "Qabala" has many forms. The "Q" is sometimes followed by a "U" or often replaced with a "C" or "K". The "B" is sometimes doubled and an "H" is sometimes appended to the end of the word. I chose this spelling because I feel it is closest to the Hebrew spelling "Qoph", "Beth", "Lamed." Return

10. 10 Lists of words with gematria correspondences can be found in Aleister Crowley's "Sepher Sephiroth", found in both Aleister Crowley's 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley and in David Godwin's Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia; Godwin also provides his own listing found in Section IV, Numerology, of his book. (This footnote is mine.) Return

11. 11 Beyond that, I recommend Aleister Crowley's 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley and David Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia, as very good books for beginners. Return


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Young, Robert, LL. D.. Analytical Concordance to the Bible: On an Entirely New Plan - Containing About 311,000 References, Subdivided Under the Hebrew and Greek Originals With the Literal Meaning and Pronunciation of Each - Designed For the Simplest Reader of the English Bible. Grand Rapids, Michigan: WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1970.

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